Thank You 23

23 has been a hard year. Buckling down into my second year of my career, I am still having trouble grasping the fact that I am no longer in college nor moving back into my Massachusetts childhood bedroom. Oh did I mention how student loans continue to haunt me at the end of every month? The cycle of being an independent adult can be vicious and exhausting, but finding the little things in life that bring me happiness and joy is what keeps me going. Everyday it is a challenge to see the good when we are engulfed by so much bad. My answer? Yoga. I’ve been practicing yoga for over three years now, but this year in particular stood out. Let me recap on how it all manifested.

After college, I stopped dancing and got a full-time job at some company I wasn’t thrilled about, but hey we all have to start somewhere! I quickly realized how my happiness changed from being a dancer to going cold turkey and not dancing at all. I became depressed I guess you could say. I started running, a lot. I signed up for my first half marathon in Central Park and began training with my good friend, Nicole. We decided to sign up and attend some Bikram classes on off training days. It was during this time that really sparked my passion for yoga.

Our half marathon came and gone so I stopped going to hot yoga. I quickly realized how my happiness started to dwindle after this. As a result, I got a Groupon for a different local hot yoga studio and continued my practice. I also switched jobs and began working for a well-known marketing agency in New York City. Practicing yoga has enlightened my outlook on life. Not going to lie, I still have days that are harder than others but overall I have come a long way since the person who graduated college in 2014 to the young and successful adult I am now. I have devoted hours to meditating and growing as a yogi and will continue to do so at 24. This year I am getting my RYT-200 hour certification, aka the course to become a yoga instructor. This is a big and expensive decision but I am following my motto: Love what you do. It’s time to live simply and enjoy each precious moment in the moment. Cheers to 24!



Pescetarian to Carnivore


Over four and a half years ago, I made a hard decision to cut red meat, chicken and turkey out of my daily diet. Also, known as a pescetarian diet. I grew to tell people about this term when confronted at holiday dinner parties or college lunch tables about why I don’t eat meat anymore.


I did it for the animals.

Back in October of 2011, I sat in my childhood bedroom for a weekend getaway from college. I was on my laptop and decided to type “Why Should I Be A Vegetarian” into YouTube’s horizontal search bar.

What did I see?

Horrific documentaries on how these animals get from the farm to our table.

Once the video started rolling, I was immediately brought to tears. Seeing these innocent animals being slaughtered in the most inhumane ways was disturbing and sickening. Following the tragic ending of this, I decided to live a pescetarian diet because I did not want to support this.

So why the change?

Following a hot vinyasa class on a cool fall Saturday morning in 2015, I found myself standing at a local Italian deli that everyone has raved about. As I stood there, reading the lengthy meat filled sandwich list, I concluded with an eggplant, roasted red pepper and mozzarella wrap. As I ordered, a light bulb turned on. Right there and then, I decided there will be a day that I will indulge in a prosciutto, capicola, salami and mozzarella sandwich again.

January 2016

From pescetarian to carnivore.

I didn’t go back to being a carnivore by eating a luxurious and expensive steak dinner. I started slowly by only having a bite of grilled chicken, which slightly upset my stomach. The following week, I ate a plain piece of chicken every night to get accustom to the change. Shortly after, I was eating turkey, ham, burgers and bacon. 

My mindset had changed that day in the deli. My time on earth is short and I couldn’t imagine myself saying no to consuming meat for the remainder of my life. I want to enjoy meals and not have a restriction to what I can eat. A lot of people deal with celiac disease, allergies and diabetes, yet I am lucky to have none of those issues. Therefore, I will continue to eat meat until I come to a day where I can live without it again.


Get Upside Down


Yoga inversions are one of the most beneficial postures for your body. Not only does it improve blood flow and circulation throughout the entire body but it also builds a strong core. Win, win! Before I get on a plane and fly somewhere and even when I first wake up, I get upside down. This stabilizes me before a long flight or a long day.

Over a year ago, I was not able to succeed in this posture. Nevertheless, with much practice and ultimately learning how to use my core in a different way then doing your average crunches, I mastered the forearm headstand.

This variation of a headstand challenges my balance a little further than just a regular  headstand. I’ve had some pretty epic falls when testing out variations but that is exactly what yoga is about. Being vulnerable and challenging yourself to try something you never think you can accomplish.

A Dry April


The start of a new month is the best way to make a short term goal for yourself and achieve it. This month, my short term goal (but what might feel like a long term goal) is to give up drinking for the entire month. This is a whole 30 days, not just 21 days people…

You ask why in the world would I do such a dumb thing? Well, working in the media along with establishing a new relationship and social groups, I’ve been drinking a little more than normal; therefore, my tolerance for alcohol is a little, well, too tolerant.

I’ve already received texts saying “Are you crazy?” And “Good luck with that”. So okay, maybe an entire month is crazy and it’s going to be difficult when it surrounds me in work events and weekend plans, but sometimes your body just needs a good detox from something that’s not quite healthy for you in the first place.

I’m hoping to have a plethora of positive experiences come from this and learnings about myself and others. I’m excited to say “no” and “I’ll have a water with lemon” for the next 30 days. Here’s goes nothing, cheers!

Who Do You Run For?


This Sunday I will be 1 out of 9,000 females lined up and ready to run in the More Womens Fitness Half Marathon, located in Central Park, NY. A couple months ago after talking with my co-worker about doing a half marathon together, we decided to finally sign-up.

Training for this half has been rigorous. I’ve had to dedicate running at least two times a week, cross training on off days and long distance runs on either Saturday or Sunday.  My longest run out of my 9 week training program was 10 miles. They say once you run 6 miles you get a runners high. I do believe that, but I also think it’s mental. Running for that long challenges your mind to test if you believe in yourself to do it. When I think about it, it’s only 2 hours and 15 minutes of my Sunday that I will spend running non-stop.

So, I’ve decided to dedicate each mile I run to someone or something that has positively influenced me throughout this journey.

Mile 1 – My Mom. You will always be “number 1” to me and I’d never be in my shoes if it wasn’t for you and dad. (This message has 2 puns in it). You’ve taught me to patient and to always live in the moment and I appreciate those values. Thank you.

Mile 2 – My Dad. Running with you over the years has been inspiring. I always enjoy coming home and going for a jog with you, even when you’ve just worked all day. You give me no reason not to go to the gym after work. Thank you for always being a dedicated father.

Mile 3 – My Brother. Watching you become so successful has influenced me to follow your footsteps. You are a great role model Ev and I’m so glad to be your sister.

Mile 4 – My Family. I’m so excited to run this mile for all my aunts, uncles and cousins. Thank you for all your support and love!

Mile 5 – Me. My lucky number is 5 so it’s the perfect mile to be a little selfish and run for myself. Being out of college nearly a year, I’m learning to overcome things I never thought I could before.

Mile 6 – My Running Buddies. Shout out to all the people who have ever ran with me along the way. From the start to now, you have all encouraged me to keep going. Thank you!

Mile 7 – My Massachusetts Girls. Molly, Meredith, Mary, Alyssa, and Amy. For mile “seven” I’ll reminisce on our good ol’ days at the studio and competing. You all mean so much to me and I’m glad we’ve remained close even though we’re all far way. Disco stick.

Mile 8 – Boston. This mile is for all those effected by the Boston marathon bombing. I will never forget that day nor the thought that I had that I’ll never run a half marathon after that tragedy. #BOSTONSTRONG

Mile 9 – The Sick. Everyday we wake up is a blessing. To know we have our health, clothes on our back and food on our plate is something we take for granted. This mile is for the immobile, dying, sick, poor, hungry and homeless.

Mile 10 – Cancer. I’ll be thinking about those I know who have ever battled, overcame or passed away from cancer during this mile.

Mile 11 – My Banky. I always enjoyed drinking a cup of tea and playing scat for dimes and pennies after school with you. During that time, you taught me a lot about family and love. I miss you everyday, this mile is for you!

Mile 12- Life. Pretty simple. We’re all given one shot at it and have each day to wake up and make a change. I hope this mile inspires outsiders to do the same!

Mile 13 – For Women! #WomenRunTheWorld