Handmade by Brit


I have a handful of different crafts I enjoy making. When I’m not in the NYC office working, I am either knitting up a storm on the train, in my kitchen baking clay earrings or at the craft shop looking for the coolest colored beads. Last year is essentially when my crafting hobby started to bloom into more than just a fun activity.

The hot yoga studio I go to in NY was having a holiday craft show that I decided to sell my scarves and earrings at. I went into it with no expectations but left with fewer items than I came with. So this past November, I had another opportunity to sell handmade items at a different yoga studio that I am actually getting my RYT-200 certification at in Massachusetts. I ended up selling almost all my knitted merchandise as well as several earrings and bracelets. What I enjoyed most was seeing people’s reactions to what I can make and how much they loved what I created out of a ball of yarn or a glob of clay. Nevertheless, this support small businesses event led me to meet Nicolina. She owns Nicolina’s Westborough and offered to purchase several earrings of mine to sell in her boutique store.

Above and below are my DIY earrings made out of 100% polymer clay. They are sculpted out of a glob of clay then fired, painted and glazed. Once completely dry, I assemble the earring backs. I will be selling these this weekend at the yoga studio in NY for another holiday craft show along with my Hand Knit by Britt scarves, headbands and hats. Below are some of my favorite earrings especially for the holidays!



Flower Power

Growing up I loved anything tie-dyed and floral. I truly was a hippy at heart. This summer I decided to create something to reflect my inner hippy– a flower headband. Flower headbands are taking off in the fashion world and can be worn to any summer festivity. So, I ran out to grab some cheap fake flowers from the dollar store and put them to good use. All you need for this project is an elastic band, black thread and needle (to sew it together), fake flowers and a hot glue gun to create your very own flower headband.

First, I measured out my black elastic band around my head to determine where to sew it together. Then I began sewing the two ends together by hand.

After doing this, I heated up my glue gun and proceeded to glue each individual flower to the elastic band.

This craft is inexpensive and super easy to complete. Instead of paying more than $10 for an already made flower headband, just do-it-yourself with these easy steps before the summers over!

DIY From Napkins to Coasters

Not too long ago I took 4 x 4 tiles and mosaic tiles to create coasters. Luckily having a dad who installs floors, there are boxes of these tiles laying aimlessly in our garage. No worries though, you can purchase these for cheap at Lowe’s or Home Depot for an easy DIY project.

This week I decided to make another set of coasters to give away as a gift. I went out and found decorative napkins from Marshall’s costing around 2 bucks each. This is a quick yet fun and easy way to create stylish and ornate coasters.

Materials include tiles, napkins, Mod Podge, a brush, hot glue gun, felt and decopatch top coat.

To start off, I took the napkins, opened one and cut it into four parts. Then I took a tile and brushed on a thin coat of Mod Podge.

I then took the napkin and placed it on top of the tile. I dabbed my finger across the surface to instill it onto the tile. Be careful not to push down too hard because the glue can easily rip the napkin.

After letting the tiles sit to ensure that the glue is dried, I brushed the first coat of Mod Podge over the napkin.

I repeated this step again. I let the glue dry completely then applied a second coat. After two coats of the regular Mod Podge decopatch glue, I applied two coats of this decopatch sealing varnish, which creates a glossy glaze finish.

The last step to this project is hot gluing felt to the bottom of the tiles. I placed the tiles on top of the felt and cut around it. Then I glued the perimeter of the tile and placed the felt on the tiles. Then I went back and cut off any access felt that was showing. Here’s what one looked like by the end!

DIY Headbands

Crafts have been a hobby of mine for years now and I love anything DIY (do-it-yourself). Recently I’ve been sick of finding cute headbands that are extremely overpriced. Therefore, I trotted to Joan Fabric to find some materials to create my own homemade headband. I found this great patterned fabric (on right) and the black elastic band (on left). Both items equalled to less than $10.00.
Once I got home, I busted out the old singer sewing machine that I got for Christmas when I was a kid. After a few minutes of testing my memory on how to work the thing, I was good to go.

I measured how long I wanted the fabric around my head, cut and sewed both ends so there would be no frays. Then I pinned and sewed the elastic band to both ends of the fabric to give the headband more stretch and form when wearing. It took less than 20 minutes to complete too. I can’t wait to wear it!