Thank You 23

23 has been a hard year. Buckling down into my second year of my career, I am still having trouble grasping the fact that I am no longer in college nor moving back into my Massachusetts childhood bedroom. Oh did I mention how student loans continue to haunt me at the end of every month? The cycle of being an independent adult can be vicious and exhausting, but finding the little things in life that bring me happiness and joy is what keeps me going. Everyday it is a challenge to see the good when we are engulfed by so much bad. My answer? Yoga. I’ve been practicing yoga for over three years now, but this year in particular stood out. Let me recap on how it all manifested.

After college, I stopped dancing and got a full-time job at some company I wasn’t thrilled about, but hey we all have to start somewhere! I quickly realized how my happiness changed from being a dancer to going cold turkey and not dancing at all. I became depressed I guess you could say. I started running, a lot. I signed up for my first half marathon in Central Park and began training with my good friend, Nicole. We decided to sign up and attend some Bikram classes on off training days. It was during this time that really sparked my passion for yoga.

Our half marathon came and gone so I stopped going to hot yoga. I quickly realized how my happiness started to dwindle after this. As a result, I got a Groupon for a different local hot yoga studio and continued my practice. I also switched jobs and began working for a well-known marketing agency in New York City. Practicing yoga has enlightened my outlook on life. Not going to lie, I still have days that are harder than others but overall I have come a long way since the person who graduated college in 2014 to the young and successful adult I am now. I have devoted hours to meditating and growing as a yogi and will continue to do so at 24. This year I am getting my RYT-200 hour certification, aka the course to become a yoga instructor. This is a big and expensive decision but I am following my motto: Love what you do. It’s time to live simply and enjoy each precious moment in the moment. Cheers to 24!



A 21st Birthday for the Books

A Birthday for the Books -- 21
Turning 21 has been an age I’ve looked forward to ever since I was a kid. Growing up I never thought I’d turn 21 nor did I ever think I would make it to college. Now a 21-year-old senior in college, I wish I could take my watch, and twist back the time to when I was entering kindergarten and do it all over again. Everyone tells me to “live in the moment,” which is truly one of the hardest thing to do. However, this entire week of birthday celebrations I undoubtedly lived in the moment.

Starting off on Monday night, pre-birthday festivities, my boyfriend had a couple surprises up his sleeve for my last night of being 20. He told me to dress up and to pick him up around 6:30 pm. So I put on my fancy white dress with a pink and navy snake printed belt with dressy flat sandals and my Chanel bag. Then I hopped in my car, picked him up and we were off to the train station leading me to figure out we were undeniably going into Manhattan. We parked my car and purchased train tickets then headed to the first destination of the night, Grand Central. We ended up walking through the tourist trap of Times Square until we walked up to this elegant and chic restaurant called Blue Fin. The enormous transparent doors opened and we were immediately seated after checking in under our reservations. The interior of the restaurant was impeccable and so was the food.

A Birthday for the Books -- 21

We placed our order: spicy salmon roll, the new yorker, spicy shrimp roll, lobster and shrimp egg rolls and a beet, gorgonzola, walnut salad. The sushi rolls were prepared fresh and tasted delicious. After dinner, we continued to walk throughout NYC until we got to Union Square and stopped in front of a horse driven carriage. I felt like I was in Cinderella as we toured through Central Park in the horse carriage. We realized by the time our excursion was complete that it was still early, too early to wait until midnight.

We walked back to Grand Central and took the next train returning to our school. Then we ventured to a local bar so I could slug down my first legal drink. After I had my pumpkin Shock Top with a cinnamon sugared rim, we headed back to campus. Upon entering my suite back at school, I found my door draped with decorations and a Happy Birthday sign. I anxiously unlocked the door and opened it to be surprised by my greatest friends singing Happy Birthday with a chocolate mousse cake.

A Birthday for the Books -- 21

The entire suite was decorated with Brittany graffiti and Brittany balloons. I wasn’t expecting these girls to go to the extent that they did but they made this birthday super special. My suite mates and neighbors gave me gifts including a Kate Spade necklace, handmade earrings and bobby-pins, an owl mug, a scented candle and a birthday journal. This just marked the beginning of what was one of the best birthday’s I could have ever asked for!

A Birthday for the Books -- 21