About Wheelhouse Yogi


In 2014, I graduated from college in New York and am now working full-time as a marketing professional in New York City. A Massachusetts native, I grew up dancing and competing my entire life but after landing a secure career in marketing I found myself not dancing as much as I used to. Therefore, I picked up running and yoga. I enrolled in a half marathon in Central Park in 2015 and began to vigorously practice yoga on my off training days. After my half marathon, I stopped my yoga practice and noticed how my well-being dwindled. I quickly came to realize the mental benefits of yoga and found another local hot yoga studio to pick up my practice again. I have not stopped since. My practice has taught me to be centered with who I am and how to live in the moment, on and off the mat. I am currently enrolled in my RYT-200 to become a yoga teacher in hopes of one day teaching full-time and opening my own yoga studio.

Alongside yoga, I love making earrings, bracelets and hand knit accessories. I have started to sell my Hand Knit by Britt collection consisting of scarves, headbands and hats as well as Handmade by Britt merchandise including clay earrings and beaded bracelets. Interested in my products? Email me: wheelhouseyogi@gmail.com or find my earrings at Nicolina’s Westborough



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