A Dry April


The start of a new month is the best way to make a short term goal for yourself and achieve it. This month, my short term goal (but what might feel like a long term goal) is to give up drinking for the entire month. This is a whole 30 days, not just 21 days people…

You ask why in the world would I do such a dumb thing? Well, working in the media along with establishing a new relationship and social groups, I’ve been drinking a little more than normal; therefore, my tolerance for alcohol is a little, well, too tolerant.

I’ve already received texts saying “Are you crazy?” And “Good luck with that”. So okay, maybe an entire month is crazy and it’s going to be difficult when it surrounds me in work events and weekend plans, but sometimes your body just needs a good detox from something that’s not quite healthy for you in the first place.

I’m hoping to have a plethora of positive experiences come from this and learnings about myself and others. I’m excited to say “no” and “I’ll have a water with lemon” for the next 30 days. Here’s goes nothing, cheers!


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